Landscape and Surroundings


No matter which direction you journey, as soon as you begin to descend into the Čiobiškis valley, ancient forests gracefully embrace both sides of the road. Upon entering the valley, a breathtaking panorama with the wide-flowing Neris river delicately unfolds, stealing your breath away. The estate seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape, extending along the Neris riverbank from its confluence.

Within Čiobiškis Manor, you’ll discover the Manor Meadow, Valley of Old Trees, the Garden, Outdoor Terrace, Courtyard, Vineyard, and the Confluence of Rivers. The changing seasons lend a unique transformation to the Čiobiškis Manor landscape.


The uniqueness of Čiobiškis Manor in winter lies in its nearly 5 hectares of snow-covered fields and the frozen confluence of the rivers. Even in winter, you can take a leisurely walk with a cup of coffee, marvel at the clear sky adorned with twinkling stars, amid frost-kissed pine trees, and the gentle touch of the winter sun – we always extend an invitation. And as thaw arrives, we invite you to admire the icicle-adorned walls and, most importantly, the harmony of the river’s frozen melodies.Almost every winter, the charm of Čiobiškis draws visitors to the riverbank resting area, where the two rivers converge. Here, you’re likely to encounter captivating natural sculptures and playful formations made from frozen ice masses.

We believe that the upcoming years will bring joyous winter activities, events, and attractions!


Within Čiobiškis Manor, we hold an inherited symbol of nature – the Iris flower. So when, if not in spring, shall we adorn its paths, gardens, and meadows?

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year, when nature awakens, and fields turn vividly green. The blooming of Čiobiškis Manor is no exception, as its vast meadows bid farewell to the snow and transform into a captivating sea of green. The estate is adorned not only with lush bushes but also with centuries-old trees and blossoms. When these flowers bloom and the sun shines, the manor is enveloped in a cloud of blooms and greenery. The name ‘Iris’ originates from Latin, symbolizing the rainbow. Indeed, it’s an impressive flower, with as many as 260-300 species and varieties. This is the portrait of life we awaken each year, by expanding the Iris collection with new species and abundance.

Meanwhile, we particularly invite you to May, when the manor is adorned with blooming Irises. We’ll devote special attention to them, nurturing their growth in greenhouses and throughout the entire estate. We believe that the blooming of Irises can become our celebration of the beginning of summer!


Summer, undoubtedly one of the most beloved seasons, is filled with warm days, bright sunshine, and the refreshing waters of two rivers.

For those who love to bask in the warmth of the sun and its rays, you can settle down in the Manor Meadow. It’s an ideal spot for serene moments and outings with friends or family – both during the day and at night. Spending a late evening here while gazing at the ever-enchanting expanse of the sky is especially delightful. The Manor Meadow is the perfect place for observing meteor showers, the starry rain.

On the hottest summer days, you can test your courage and love for swimming. You can choose the cool, clear, and swift Musė river or the slightly warmer and deeper Nera river. Both rivers are safe for swimming, but your ability to swim and navigate the current should be assessed by you. And for those who may not be as daring, we offer refreshment in simpler ways – with the extremely fresh and cool water from our natural spring!

The lush nature and blue waters, the open space of the meadow, the inviting Manor Meadow, and the view of Čiobiškis Church atop the hill – all come together to create pleasant outings with a picnic basket.


Bouquets of autumnal hues wherever you turn.

Five hectares of colors – that’s what makes Čiobiškis Manor special even during the rainy season. The greenery of the meadows will be transformed into a multicolored autumn oasis, inviting you to enjoy the cool, crisp air, the natural hues of a never-ending summer, and to gather the last rays of the sun.

It’s a perfect time for romantic afternoons, choosing various shades of tree leaves, delighting in the meadow’s carpet of leaves, and sipping a warm cup of coffee or tea.

We believe that autumn is the perfect time for tea-drinking rituals, getting to know the essential materials for the upcoming winter season, and, of course, the final parade under the gentle sunrays and the tranquility of nature by the sea.

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