Čiobiškis manor is one of the most distinctive classicism manors in the landscape of Lithuanian heritage.  Its uniqueness can be experienced due to the rich history, the fragility of the place and  an ambition to rise after the five epochs of existence.

The name of Čiobiškis Manor is known since the beginning  of the 16th century when it belonged to the noble Radvila family.

Čiobiškis Manor is a unique place situated in the valley and  on the bank of the confluence of two rivers – Neris and Musė, right in the central part of Lithuania close to the four historical capitals  of the country – Kernavė, Trakai, Kaunas and Vilnius.

For those wishing to know the history of the Čiobiškis region and the Manor itself – we invite you to come for the visit – our staff is always ready to tell you all about the majestic history of Čiobiškis. In the mean time, you can always learn more in the The old Manor house section.

It’s no secret that every visit of Yours will differ:

  • Awakening of the Manor – for about 100 years „genius loci“ of the Manor has been waiting for a new owner. Unfortunately, in a mean time it was exposed to the changes of nature, life and purpose. Until finally, today, we are constantly awakening the manor and vigorously moving towards prosperity. We strive to sustain the history of the manor and at the same time to recreate the cozy luxury that the dukes and landlords had.
  • The seasons – especially changing the landscape of the Čiobiškis valley each time tempting with new discoveries – drifts of ice in the winter, iris blooms in the spring, vivid meadows and expressive rivers in the summer and the extraordinary colors of the autumn.

Wide and open snow covered hectares and great congestion of ice on the banks of the river is what makes Čiobiškis Manor unique during winter.

This season the Manor will not be able to offer You the overnight stay yet, though visitors are always welcome to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy delightful stroll during the day. Imagine – sun in the bright sky invitingly shining through the valley trees and piles of snow just glitter. Even though the winter might be bitter it only means that when the thaw comes there will be magnificent sculptures of ice on the side of Čiobiškis Manor.

We do believe, that the next season will bring exciting events and winter activities to our sight!


The core of spring season is the inherited flower of Čiobiškis Manor – Iris.

Overall, spring is one of the greatest seasons of the year as all of the nature leaves vegetation behind and blooms. Čiobiškis Manor in no exception. Just as temperature gets up and sun comes out all the great meadows, trees and flowers lavish Manor visitors with colors, scents and blossoms.

Especially we invite You to visit Čiobiškis Manor in May, when the inherited flower blooms.

Iris is a name of Greek origin, which means rainbow and indeed, it is an impressive flower with 260-300 species. Step by step we are restoring the greatness of Iris and creating abundance of paths of blooming flower. We hope, that in the nearest future we will invite You to special Iris blooming events.


Summer is, of course, one of the favorite seasons – full of warm days, bright sunshine and refreshing joys of water.

The meadow of Čiobiškis Manor is an ideal place to enjoy the sun or for a quiet gathering and celebrations with friends or family – both day and night. It is especially good location to spend the late evenings and watch the ever-glorious skyline as it is a great place for the observation of the stars.

On an extremely hot summer days, you can try your courage and love for swimming. You can choose a cool, shallow and luminous river of the Musė or the flowing, slightly warmer and deeper Neris. Both rivers are safe for swimming, but you have to assess your ability to overcome the flow of the rivers. And for those, not as enthusiastic about the swim in the river, we can offer great refreshment in simpler ways – natural cool spring water!

Pleasant and lush lawn, infinite space, surroundings of the nature and spring water – a great alliance for celebrations and gatherings in the meadow of Čiobiškis Manor.


Hectares of colors – this is what turns Čiobiškis Manor into a special sight even in the rainy season.

The colorful oasis of autumn replacing the greenery of the meadows will invite you to enjoy the cool fresh air and to take the last sips of sunshine.

It is a great time for the romantic afternoons while creating colorful bouquets of leaves, for the games in the piles of color throughout the meadows and the strolls with a warm cup of coffee or tea.

We believe that autumn is perfect for tea drinking rituals, calm and relaxing sessions of meditation while collecting the last warm rays of sun and education of how to stay in an active state of mind during winter.

We value

Čiobiškis manor - more then an object of interest

Our ambition is to be open and inviting cultural sight.

We strive to introduce the surroundings and beauty of Čiobiškis, the history of Lithuania and the importance of Čiobiškis in it. Nevertheless, our perspectives and aspirations are even wider.

The vision of Čiobiškis Manor is to become the center of wellness and recreation, enriched with culture and education, open to tourism and events, flexible to suit your needs and businesses.

LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) – the foundation of our ambitions, values and lifestyle.
We strive to enhance the interest in Lithuanian culture and art, coordinate and organize cultural events seeking to broaden knowledge and importance of culture.
We admire personal growth seekers and companies enriching their employees experience. Manor can coordinate or organize high variety of conferences, lectures or seminars. Innovation, application, empowerment.
Health is the most important weapon of our power. Therefore we seek to take care of Your health and well-being. Wellness education supplemented by walking paths, spa and tranquility areas – coming soon for the best wellness experience.
You are more than welcome to explore the sight and spend the weekend together. We invite you to stay at the Čiobiškis Manor and take a stroll along the unspoiled tourist trails and discover the treasures of nature.
Quality recreation together is an opportunity to enjoy unspoiled nature of Čiobiškis, walking trails, and resorts for Your peaceful afternoon at the campfire or the meadow of the Manor.
We strive to be flexible for our clients’ needs – private events or seminars, weddings or annual international business conferences. Have in mind an international music festival? Your unique ambitions will become a reality.



The oficina


The stone ice-house

Manor in the eyes of an artist