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Čiobiškis manor in the Convene

Convene: Čiobiškis manor in the Baltic sea region exhibition! On the 12-13 of February we will meet in Litexpo ! Čiobiškis manor– wellness and productive [...]
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We are unique

Extraordinary location
Čiobiškis manor is located just by the confluence of Neris and Musė rivers, in the central part of Lithuania, surrounded by forest valleys and nature. It is a unique place in Lithuania, near the four historic capitals – Kernavė, Trakai, Kaunas and Vilnius.

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Rich history
For almost a 100 years the Čiobiškis manor has been waiting for a new owner who would have the courage and ambition to adapt to the inherited world of the manor, restore its’ glory and tell the history of those who lived there before.

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Cultural heritage
Čiobiškis manor has four cultural heritage buildings – built in the end of XVIII and the beginning of XIX century, some dating back to XVI century – one of which is the old Manor house, the stables,  the oficina and the stone ice-house.

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Natural and outstanding surroundings
The landscape of Čiobiškis manor and its surroundings are distinguished by its natural, untouched nature, unusual sightseeing places and attractions. It is an opportunity to discover new experiences!

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Open for Your ideas
Čiobiškis manor is open for business meetings and conferences, incentive travel, open for Your cozy events, unforgettable occasions, and concerts. We are flexible and welcome your ideas and ambitions!

Pleasant treats


Pet friendly

Do not hesitate and visit us with your pet. We will make sure to offer them a drink and a bite.

Spring water

In Čiobiškis Manor you can stop for a brief moment and take a nice break while enjoying the fresh spring water. From deep layers of the earth.

Tasty afternoons

We are open for your picnic breaks on the meadow of the manor and/or campfire. Surely,  we can offer restaurant services.

Experience history

In Čiobiškis Manor you will always meet our team ready to help, answer your questions, and most importantly – share the colourful experience and history of the sight.

Distance to Čiobiškis Manor

58km from Vilnius
77km from Kaunas
276km from Klaipėda
168km from Šiauliai