Cultural events


Cultural gatherings: open-air events, creative workshops, exhibitions, concerts…

Nurturing culture and education stands as a cornerstone of Čiobiškis Manor’s vision.

We warmly welcome an array of cultural events – from art workshops to concerts, theater performances, and beyond.
We unveil all manor spaces for creative workshops.

If you seek an authentic or distinctive venue for your off-site event, you can choose from a selection of rented spaces.


Queen Barbara's hall

Carriage house
216 m², up to 150 people


Marble hall

Carriage house
100 m², up to 50 people


The Hall

SOFIJA house
100 m², up to 60 people


Dining hall

120 m², up to 60 people



72 m², up to 50 people


Valley of old trees

up to 100 people


Manor Meadow

up to 1000 people

Other Events: Conferences and meetings | Celebrations | Workshops