Nestled in the heart of Lithuania, Čiobiškis Manor opens its doors for your unforgettable occasions and festive gatherings for companies and organizations.

Within the estate’s premises, we can host various celebrations, including the official ceremonies of weddings or christenings. From the Manor Meadow, you can even catch a glimpse of the white spires of St. John the Baptist Church nearby – echoing the grandeur of Vilnius Cathedral in the village of Čiobiškis. Both structures were designed by the renowned architect Laurynas Gucevičius.

In collaboration with our partners or your chosen suppliers, we will ensure that your celebration is meticulously taken care of!



When we find love, we want to share it with the world, celebrate, and create unforgettable moments. And we wouldn’t be mistaken to say that there are few days more important and memorable than the celebration of two people united in love.

Only by sincerely understanding the meaning, grandeur, and warmth of weddings

can we turn the dream of an unforgettable occasion into reality.

Imagine yourselves in the history-rich halls, right by the banks of the Neris River, or in the space of the Barboros Chamber, adorned just as you’ve always envisioned. Picture vast lawns, joy, dances, or even the whole celebration taking place there. Or perhaps feel the embrace of family and closest friends in cozy spaces subtly enriched with a touch of classicism, reminiscent of home.

Čiobiškis Manor is love embodied – brimming with shared stories, warmth, sincerity, and unforgettable moments.

The flowing waters of the Neris and Musė rivers, symbolically, from the very confluence,

create a bond of togetherness and unity.

Allow us to become a part of your world on that day and contribute to the meaningfulness of your shared life moment.


Burgundy, a deep and profound shade, stirs the depths of emotion – from fervent passion and longing desire to unwavering ambition and resolute determination. Like a rich tapestry, it weaves the threads of opulence and prosperity. But beyond that, Burgundy is the embodiment of sensuality and the essence of romance.

It’s a hue that dances with the heart’s desires, making it an enchanting choice for moments steeped in love.



Retro, or the enchanting embrace of all things ‘vintage,’ transports us to the nostalgic whispers of eras past. From the roaring twenties to the groovy seventies, each decade tells a tale of its own. A ‘vintage wedding’ becomes a portal through time, allowing couples to paint their unique love story against a backdrop of history. It’s a canvas of endless possibilities, where memories intermingle with modernity.


Art Deco

Art Deco, with its audacious geometry and interlocking patterns, reflects our courage to embark on life’s grandest adventure together. Like entering an uncharted realm hand in hand, it’s a journey powered by unwavering faith and the radiant beacon of hope. Here, the elegance of tradition and the allure of contemporary choices converge, creating a symphony that resonates with the rhythm of two hearts becoming one.



Romance is the poetry of emotions, the symphony of hearts intertwined in the dance of love.

A romantic ambiance envelops you with its gentle hues, caresses you with soft, evocative lighting, and showers you with a cascade of blossoms. Fresh blooms, the ambassadors of tender emotions, take center stage in this style, offering a perfect sanctuary for those who hold the language of flowers close to their hearts.



Green, a color often associated with affluence, takes on a deeper hue in its natural associations. It’s the verdant melody of life’s orchestra, the symbol of renewal and flourishing growth. Brides who choose green echo not only a love for the environment but also the enduring promise of love’s eternal bloom, much like nature’s own cycles of rebirth and rejuvenation.



Queen Barbara's hall

Carriage house
216 m², up to 150 people


Marble hall

Carriage hous
100 m², up to 50 people


The Hall

100 m², up to 60 people


Dining hall

120 m², up to 60 people



72 m², up to 50 people

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