Carriage house

Carriage house

The carriage house, also known as a coach house, is one of the first heritage buildings brought back to life on the Čiobiškis Manor estate. Its facade is modestly adorned with pilasters, and a special feeling is evoked by the wide path in front of the entire building, paved with river stones and field stones – each of them laid by people who lived here hundreds of years ago…

The carriage house was the former carriage and coach house, which also housed the ‘apartments’ of the estate’s head horseman.


This renovated building has already opened its doors for concerts, conferences, and other events with catering provided from the new restaurant kitchen.

With that, two more buildings nestled behind the Carriage House are awaiting their own renovation, after which they will rise anew for relaxation – the SPA and the Inner Courtyard Fireplace with a Pavilion.


Queen Barbara's hall

216 m², up to 150 people


Marble hall

100 m², up to 50 people

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